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Crowdfunding Campaign

Growing sake rice for Yamane-shuzo

We are looking for your support to rice production for the future sake brewing. The funds will be spent on purchasing farm equipment and other supplies we need.

In return for the support, we will give you a gift of amazake (sweet mild sake) manufactured for us by the Bungo Meijo in Oita.
The amazake is made with Chiriki Saibai rice grown and harvested in cooperation with the contracted farmers solely in Saitama.

* Tax included in the prices.
* Delivery fee included in the prices.
* The amazake made with Yamane-shuzo’s sake rice will be dispatched around November 2020.
* The amazake is non-alcohol as it is purely made from koji.
* The best before date is about one year after the manufacture date.
* If you are willing to support us, please send a message at
We will notify the bank account and other necessary information.

Course 3,000 yen (100 shares)

Amazake 900ml ×1

Course 5,000 yen (100 shares)

Amazake 900ml ×2

Course 10,000 yen (50 shares)

Amazake 900ml ×5

Course 150,000 yen (2 shares)

Lecture by the President of the company “Future Projects by Yamane-shuzo” and amazake 900ml ×12
* Transportation and accommodation costs can be required for the lecture.

The funds we receive will be used as a part of the following cost.
Farm equipment and other necessary supplies: 1,500,000 yen

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